Customers are the lifeblood of a business and happy customers mean more revenue. But to create customer relationships is somewhat complicated.

Businesses and their clients run into all sorts of problems when it comes to relationship management - it could be that operations-wise, there’s no time to familiarise with the other. Or for transactional accounts, it might seem like a waste of time to invest too closely in a relationship. But with the increasing likelihood of business networking affecting the growth of industries, it’s important to be on good terms with your clients.

Customer relation management is - the ability to discuss, collaborate and execute the creative vision between company and client. While there may not be a comprehensive or exact list of what makes these relationships successful, here are some general ideas.


Any relationship is founded on the capacity of the other person to listen. For companies and their clients, listening fulfills more than just the communication needed. Listening makes problem solving easier, fosters a more creative mindset, and keeps everyone informed on the progress of their respective projects.


Clients and companies must also learn from each other. This experience isn’t necessarily a one-way street, though it can be at times. Different perspectives contribute to a greater understanding of the project at hand, something that could only be accomplished by agreeing to learn from one another.


Teaching is also important for companies and clients. Not only is the capacity for learning necessary, there must also be the willingness to teach from either side. While adding knowledge for the party being taught also creates room for discussion and collaboration.


Most importantly, clients and companies should be able to act and react on their responsibilities. Action validates the belief that clients have put in your business, and validates the efforts of the company’s services. Well-thought action is the final step in securing a good working relationship, since it proves that your services live up to how they are advertised.


Finally, repetition of these processes leads to mastery over these relationships. As companies create more projects with their clients and attain newer working partners, an in-depth familiarity with how to handle customer relations will benefit both the business and its partners in the long run.

Customer relations management may seem a bit challenging, but remember that you’re dealing with people. Respect can go a long way in achieving that ideal working relationship, and potentially boost your reputation for future clients.

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