The ATO are preparing to retire the traditional Auskey Identity Authenticator. The changes come in line with the governments move towards MyGov and storing all of your personal information online, linking tax, super, medicare and centrelink in one centralised location.

Our blog covers the key things you need to do to be prepared.

If you have more than one superannuation account and have purposely left a small balance in order to retain insurance in that fund, then this is a must read for you.

As of 1 July 2019, there will be changes made to superannuation accounts classified as having a low balance. The threshold for the low balance classification is $6,000. Anything under this balance will automatically be classified as a “low balance super account”.

The continuing and compounding effects of the current drought mean NSW had its driest start to a year since 1982. The NSW Government has assessed the conditions and announced the Emergency Drought Relief Package to ease financial pressure on farmers and support the communities affected.

The arrival of a new year is often seen as a good time for change. After some time to stop and reflect over the Christmas break, if you have new years resolutions for your business we'd love to hear from you and assist in making them a reality. Book a free 30 minute consultation with your accountant before 31 January and kick-start your new year.

Christmas is the busiest time for the year. With customers scrambling to buy presents and hosts rushing last-minute preparations, it can be tough on businesses to get every order done on-time.
A well-prepared business, though, can turn these pressures into profits. We’ve put together a list of tips, some trendy and some timeless, to prepare your business for the holiday rush and seize the season’s opportunities.

A sure sign that the holidays are on the way is when Christmas songs begin to fill the air. In addition to traditional Christmas carols and holiday pop hits, it’s quite common to hear another sort of tune: the seasonally festive ad jingle.
Sometimes cute, sometimes campy, always a bit hard to shake from your head, ad jingles are a proven way to grab at customers’ hotly contested attention spans—but they’re not the only way.

The Christmas season brings a lot of opportunities for businesses but also requires a fair bit of spending. There’s inventory to stock, events to prepare for, and corporate gifts to send out. Depending on the volume of demand, you might be covering for overtime or temp workers. Just as in our personal lives, with gifts to give and parties to plan, expenses can quickly get out of hand.

For businesses that handle multiple projects simultaneously, as we discussed in an earlier blog using project management software can work wonders. But with a vast number of software applications to choose from, it can be challenging to pick which one is best for the business. The hefty price tags of some software options don’t help, either.
This is why we gathered today’s best project management software — specifically, the ones that are free to use — and narrowed them down to 9 options to make it easier for businesses to pick the one that suits them best!

Project engagements are arguably among the key drivers that fuel businesses today. This is one of the reasons why project management professionals are currently in high demand. So, what a great time to start a project management consultancy firm.
If you’re here reading this, you are probably thinking about starting up your very own consultancy firm. But before you do that, make sure to consider these five important points.

Your organisation’s biggest asset is it’s people. Without the right people, your business won’t prosper — it’s as simple as that. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you hire the right people for the right jobs. Your long-term success as a business owner depends on it.
Here are some effective human resource management tips to help you make sure that you hire the right people to fill the right positions.

Australian employers have been aware for a while now that Superannuation Gurauntee payments made on behalf of employees must be processed via an online clearing house. Since October 2015, Super Stream changes have been in effect mandating this practice.

Australia is the sixth largest country by land area with about 7.692 million square kilometers. It’s also considered to be in the lowest, flattest, and driest continent with the oldest and least fertile soils; desert or semi-arid land, commonly known as the outback, make up the largest portion of land. Despite the odds, around 53% of Australia’s total land area is being used for agriculture.

Enterprise resource planning (or ERP) has become a normal thing for  businesses of today. With globalisation and the distribution of labour between different employees made easier by technology, planning who should be doing what in your company is more efficient now than it was in the past.
But as newer companies and newer industries spring up all over the world, enterprise resource planning has broken new ground in the terms of the tools that they develop, how they’re accessed, and what their primary function is. In particular, given how rapidly technology has advanced over the past decade, trends in resource planning tools have shifted from the desk to the palm of your hand.
Here are 4 trends in ERP software that your company can benefit from:

Field Service Management (FSM) is a system designed to manage and coordinate a company’s resources (both human and nonhuman) that are en route, employed or operating in the field and not in the specific company’s property. Examples of these resources include cable technicians who install cable lines in residential or commercial areas and delivery vehicle operators for courier and shipping companies.

Each new year brings a wave of changes and trends that alter and even redefine the business landscape. 2018, of course, is no exception. With the steady march of technology and the introduction of new innovations across various industries, stagnation is any business’s biggest obstacle in the path to success.

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