Cut these business expenses by tapping into cloud technology


If you still haven’t considered taking up the offers of cloud service providers for your small business, now is probably the time to do so. There are many ways tapping into cloud-enabled technologies can help you reduce your company’s monthly bills. Below are four of them.

Security software licenses

High-grade security software for businesses typically have all the essential features to ensure that your important business and financial files don’t become compromised. However, the licenses needed to use them don’t come cheap.


Turning to cloud-based technology - like cloud storage or cloud accounting, for example - helps reduce costs related to security software, since many cloud computing providers have security measures that offer as much protection for your files as an expensive security software brand would, taking the need to spend big on security software off your hands.


Servers and data centres


Servers act as central repositories for all your business files. A server enables administrators to easily implement security measures for your computer network and all the files stored within, and makes all processes across different users more efficient. But just like security software, servers are expensive. Not only would you need to purchase the servers themselves, you would also need infrastructures to support them such as a separate room and cooling.


A great alternative to physical servers are those that are based in the cloud. With cloud servers, you pay for a server in a virtual, rather than a physical location, which means less hardware costs on your part. Additionally, most cloud server packages are tailored to suit the needs of small, growing businesses, which means you’ll only have to pay for what you currently need and make adjustments later on as your business grows.


Maintenance costs


From operating systems and client relations management software to upgrades and the cleaning of parts, keeping your IT software and hardware in working order costs money. Maintenance costs are items most businesses incur on a monthly basis, a problem that the cloud can address.


With cloud technology, you use a service that’s based on the servers and infrastructures owned by the providers themselves, so most of the maintenance responsibilities fall on them and the costs on your part are significantly reduced if not completely eliminated.


Manpower costs


Many cloud-based services such as cloud accounting and finance allow you to make use of expert advice and talent without allocating a chunk of your budget to your monthly human resource expenses. With providers of cloud accounting and other cloud-based services, you also get to work not just with individual experts, but with entire teams of them, allowing you access to a wide skillset at a fraction of the cost.


Also, because the maintenance of your business needs are reduced, you won’t need to hire and keep a large number of IT professionals in your team, which in turn reduces overall human resources costs.


These are only a few of the cost-cutting benefits of using cloud-based technologies. If you’re thinking about possible ways to reduce your operational costs or to better allocate your resources, tapping into the possibilities that the cloud provides could be the answer.


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