Communication is undoubtedly one of the most important factors involved in the successful day-to-day operations of a business. Proper communication can help boost productivity, foster a more conducive working environment to reach goals, and just promote better working conditions in general.

Communication also comes in many different forms. One of the tools that’s becoming more popular to use with businesses is something called enterprise social software - and it’s emerging as a strong contender in shaping how the modern businesses communicates.

What is it?

At a glance, enterprise social software seems no different from the social media platforms that most employees already use, and that’s intentional. Social media sites are the foundations of enterprise social software mainly because of these platforms’ emphasis on communication.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, however, social software for enterprises have a set of functions that they must fulfill in order to suit a business. If you’re thinking of getting a social software for your company to use, it’ll be a good idea to keep these functions in mind. These are:

  • Search: Employees must be able to search not only other users, but also content — and at a much faster rate than the usual social media platform.
  • Links: In order for content and users to be sorted out well, they need to be linked together. Having software that allows you to easily categorize employees and departments will make linking easier.
  • Authoring and outside content: These platforms should also allow native content on the site like blogs or notes - documents that can be easily accessed by other users.
  • Tags: In order to find this content, employees should also be able to put their own tags on their content or posts. Tagging can also keep links and categories in order.
  • Recommendations: This software should also allow recommended users and content to other users, solidifying their network for faster communications between teams.
  • Subscriptions: Finally, users on this platform should be able to follow certain feeds and threads that can allow them to easily keep track of projects or groups that require their attention.

Looking closely, these are all features that social media sites have - but the key difference is enterprise social software is solely tailored for work. There’s no room for distractions or awkward links. Think of social software for businesses as a fusion of the convenience of social media networks and the corporate approach of getting work done.

Enterprise social software manages to neatly fit into this category by avoiding the pitfall of being too corporate: structure. Instead of having employees bend over themselves to properly use a system or a tool for communication, this approach allows them to intuitively and quickly use a system with minimal fuss.

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