For businesses that handle multiple projects simultaneously, as we discussed in an earlier blog using project management software can work wonders. But with a vast number of software applications to choose from, it can be challenging to pick which one is best for the business. The hefty price tags of some software options don’t help, either.

This is why we gathered today’s best project management software — specifically, the ones that are free to use — and narrowed them down to 9 options to make it easier for businesses to pick the one that suits them best!

Check out the list below and read why these software programs made it to our top 9.


Asana is a project management software for web and mobile platforms. The company offers three pricing options, including a free option where users can get the basics such as creating dashboards for projects and a search option for easier access to dashboards. The free version allows unlimited projects, tasks and conversations, and one account is available for use by up to 15 users.


Avaza is another free project management software. It allows users to manage their projects better through optimised budgeting and billing, email-to-task conversion and collaborative conversations via email and chat support. Other features include time tracking, streamlined documentation for expenses and integration with over 500 popular apps.


Freedcamp users have free access to numerous features including up to 10MB of file downloads, time tracking, discussion boards, shared file management and a management system for passwords and personal tasks, among other features. Freedcamp allows unlimited users and projects, so users won’’t have to worry about limitations.


Don’t let the simple design of GanttProject hold you back. The completely free project management software offers the same features as most of the items on this list, such as setting up tasks and milestones. Tasks are shown in tabs that can be colour-coded for easier organisation and viewing the work breakdown for each is easy. Users can generate a read-only PERT chart with a click of a button.


The free version of Harvest allows project management for one person for a maximum of two projects, so it’s perfect for those who are starting small. It can track hours and expenses in real time and allows unlimited invoicing and estimation for costs. Harvest is perfect for users who demand detailed documentation for expenses.


KanbanFlow allows better time management for projects for users through features such as a stopwatch timer and the integration of the Pomodoro technique. The main perk of using KanbanFlow is its detailed and easy-to-understand visualisation of tasks, providing the user a view of the current status of each tasks. Real time collaboration is also possible, allowing each team member to see changes as they are made.


MeisterTask emphasises teamwork and collaboration through features that allow instant and smooth communication among members. Tasks can be blocked by other tasks, allowing easier prioritisation. With MeisterTask, deliverables and liabilities are clear, enabling better documentation for users. MeisterTask can also be integrated with other apps, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Zendesk.


Trello is one of the most popular free project management software programs today. Users can take advantage of unlimited project boards, cards and checklists, and there is no limit to the amount of members that they can include in boards. It offers up to 10MB of free storage, which can be limiting for some, but it can support file linking from Box, Google Drive and other cloud storage apps.


The free version of Wirke allows access to up to 5 team members, making it ideal for small teams. Wrike offers features such as task, file and project organisation, comments and tagging, file sharing, real-time task monitoring and mass actions for activities. Wrike can be integrated with popular email and cloud storage services.

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