A sure sign that the holidays are on the way is when Christmas songs begin to fill the air. In addition to traditional Christmas carols and holiday pop hits, it’s quite common to hear another sort of tune: the seasonally festive ad jingle.

Sometimes cute, sometimes campy, always a bit hard to shake from your head, ad jingles are a proven way to grab at customers’ hotly contested attention spans—but they’re not the only way.

With a little creativity and proper planning, you’ll find there are several ways to catch a buyer’s attention during the Christmas season. And while the holidays are a time for fun, a little serious thought goes a long way toward Christmas success.  And so we’ve made a list—check it twice—for a holiday marketing campaign sure to capture your customers’ attention.

Make a Wish List

Ultimately, everyone wants to take advantage of increased consumer spending to boost profits. What you need to identify is how exactly you intend to do that. While the best marketing campaigns provide various benefits, it’s important to identify your primary objectives.

Who is your target audience? Are you prioritising new customers or repeat purchases? Are you focusing on any specific segment of your catalogue? These will shape how you go about your holiday marketing.

This isn’t to say you can’t run multiple campaigns with different objectives. The last stretch of the year features Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Christmas and the New Year, each with its own marketing opportunities.

Pick Your Platform

Based on your objectives, decide on a method to meet them. Consider, for instance, whether you’ll focus on social media or email or some other channel such as video. Some methods work especially well together, such as using social media contests to increase sales or brand awareness.

Involving users, especially by making creative appeals to their own creativity, has been behind the success of may iconic holiday campaigns. Chipotle’s 2015 Halloween campaign, for example, gave a discount to customers who showed up in costumes with something “unnecessary.” Meanwhile, Starbucks has used social media to highlight inventive redesigns of its iconic red cups.

Spruce Up Your Branding

A good holiday motif should be embellished with some holiday cheer, rather than totally gift wrapped. It’s important that people recognise your brand even when it’s dressed up for the holidays.

Keeping your brand recognisable during the holidays allows you to compound successes further down the road. Coca Cola has had resounding successes playing around with their signature red and the holiday icon of Santa Claus. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Christmas campaigns in Japan have been so successful that a bucket of their fried chicken is now considered a tradition.

Spread the Cheer

A successful marketing campaign will catch a customer’s attention, but it’s the overall experience of your brand that will make sure they remember you.

Ultimately, your brand’s holiday spirit should come alive in every interaction your customers have with you, from their first contact until their purchase is closed. Even as your marketing campaign spreads the holiday cheer to your customers, it’s important that your employees take your brand to heart as well. Good customer service is the difference between a one-off purchase and a year-round fan.


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