MYOB Online Invoicing

Making the most of your MYOB Accountright Live online features.

MYOB Online Invoicing

As the world of online accounting has changed and evolved, we have been increasingly looking to cloud solutions such as Quickbooks and Xero for smart features that make invoicing and debtor collection a simpler task for small business.

For varying reasons, many clients still prefer to use their traditional MYOB Accountright software and have upgraded to MYOB Accountirght Live in order to gain access to great features such as automatic bank feeds, bank files for creditor and payroll payments and most recently pay super functions and single touch payroll.

In talking with our clients about their MYOB files it’s become increasingly evident that there is one not so small feature that has passed somewhat under the radar in recent years, MYOB’s online invoicing platform.

When entering an invoice in MYOB, take advantage of online invoicing to get your invoices to your customers faster.

Online invoicing enables you to email your invoices directly through AccountRight rather than a separate email program.

This means you can:

  • track all your invoice activity in one place - AccountRight
  • improve your cashflow
  • get paid faster

And if you’ve set up online payments (Australia only), your customers can pay you online.

When a customer receives an invoice from you, they can now access an invoice portal area where they can see a list of all unpaid invoices that have been emailed to them. All they need to do is click on the “View unpaid invoices emailed to you” link in their most recent email to see their list. 

All emails sent from MYOB sit in a specialised inbox, access from the main dashboard by clicking “sent emails” in the bottom menu.

You can also access the online invoice at any time and see the activity, including whether the email was received and opened by your customer, if they have opened the unpaid invoice and on what dates. To do so, open the invoice in the sales register and click “view all activity” in the top right-hand corner of the window.

If you are already using the MYOB In Tray to upload supplier purchases and  are working with a fellow MYOB user, with MYOB to MYOB you can link accounts so that any invoices you receive from another MYOB business will go straight to your In tray.

All you need to do is go to an invoice from that business and select Link to MYOB. Now all of your future invoices from that business will be sent to your In tray.

Wether you prefer to use Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Phoenix or any other accounting software that works well in your business. Our client service managers have experience with all of the popular choices and can assist you in getting the most from your online accounting solution.

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