The importance of having a project manager in your organisation


Projects can be challenging to handle. There are a lot of factors to think about, and missing even one of them can be costly for your business. If you find yourself handling more and more projects, now is definitely the time to hire a project manager. Project managers are important for businesses that involve a lot of projects because:

1. They are experienced in starting new projects

As every business owner knows, starting a project can turn out to be more complicated than it may initially seem. In most cases, during a project’s beginning phase, the definitive goals and process are yet to be established. The scope can also change at the drop of a hat, which can sometimes mean a change in the resources needed for the project. All of these challenges present a lot of uncertainties, but these are nothing new to project managers, particularly experienced ones. Many have worked with projects from start to finish, and if you hire one at the outset of your project, you will increase your chances of seeing that project take off.


2. They will be your point of contact

With a lot of clients, it can be hard for you, the business owner, to communicate with and keep track of every single one of them. Project managers don’t just manage projects, they also act as a point of contact between you and your clients. Not only that, project managers can also be the point of contact between team members in a project, effectively making them the “glue” that binds the whole team.


3. They help balance client demands and expectations

During projects, clients will always have demands and expectations. However, there are many factors that can undermine the completion of a project, and what the client wants to see done won’t always be achieved. Project managers can help to balance the demands and expectations of clients. They’ll know how to reason with them with regards to the tasks that are doable and those that are not, which in turn allows them to manage expectations.


4. They have experience across industries

Sometimes you will have clients in industries that are not familiar to you, especially if your business specialises in communication, design, and public relations, three aspects that most organisations deem important. Experienced project managers will have worked with different clients in different industries, and hiring them can make your projects sail smoother.


5. They ensure that you are sticking to the budget

Project managers can help you manage the time, costs and use of resources for each of your projects. They know what resources a project needs for it to be completed, how much time the processes would take, and how much it would cost your business. This ensures that your projects are being undertaken within the allotted budget.

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