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Client Testimonials

Our businesses success shows in our growth and that comes from our clients sending like-minded people they know and care about to us for help. That is why what people say about us is so important, it carries the most weight and it’s what truly sets us apart.

Wagga Wagga

THE BIG STEEL is a small to medium sized manufacturing and steel sales business located in Wagga Wagga, NSW. In 2018, on the advice of a colleague, we moved our accountancy to Easdowns. Prior to Easdowns our meetings with our previous accountant were dull, boring and unproductive dominated with accountancy talk which was not easily understood (when you only get to listen to it once or twice / year). We now thoroughly enjoy our meetings because Easdowns speak in a language that we understand which, consequently, brings our input into the discussion and helps to solve various financial and taxation challenges. Nowadays we have 4 or 5 meetings per year which keeps us up to speed with the accountancy side of our business and has resulted in efficiencies, through a better understanding, we never had before. I am very happy to highly recommend Easdowns Accountants & Advisors.


We changed our accountancy firm to Easdown & Partners and it has been an excellent move. Our company has been rapidly expanding and the support we have been given has helped us to regain control over our business and our growth. Easdown & Partners are now an integral part of our business and provide us with the managerial support and tools to help with our decision making. It is great to find such an enthusiastic and pro-active group of people who are keen to use their skills to really help our business grow.

Ben & Catherine Cruikshank


We were recommended to Easdown & Partners for their expertise in rural accounting. They are a young, progressive and enthusiastic team, delivering excellent taxation service and business advice. They have a wide range of expertise amongst their staff who are always courteous, professional and willing to assist.

Monaro Logging


The logging business in today’s world is extremely competitive. To survive you need to work smarter not harder. Easdown & Partners have played a significant roll in setting up control systems to enable us to monitor cash flow and profitability, allowing us to work towards achieving budget forecasts.

Gary Warden

Easdown & Partners have become our business partners by providing us with a complete service including management reports, financial planning, superannuation and business consulting. We believe that we have been able to grow our business and increase our wealth as a result of the advice that we are receiving from them.

Wagga wagga

The Easdowns bookkeeping service, has streamlined and modernised our bookkeeping. This has saved me significant amount of time, that I now use to focus on patients and the business. I find the bookkeeping team extremely efficient, professional and always very quick to respond to any queries or requests.

This integrates with the rest of the team at Easdowns ands provides a seamless process for the compliance process, advice and support with business planning

Wagga wagga

As a Pharmacist, I wish to spend as much time as possible with my patients. Easdowns and their bookkeeping team has allowed me to do that.

They have offered me a seamless, efficient solution for managing my business. They are across business building, personnel management, benchmarking, payroll and accounts payable.

Easdowns work as a cohesive team that are always quick to reply to my questions. The team at Easdowns has also handled my investment portfolio and life insurance.

Brian Johnstone

With a couple of partners we started our business in 2012, having never before been in business for ourselves. Needless to say it was a scary but exciting time. We had some idea of what sort of financial conditions had to be met in getting finance, but no real experience in this.

We were introduced to Easdowns by an acquaintance who also a client. After initial discussions on our business plan and our goals we signed on with the team.

Easdowns has been our accountants since and have been an integral part of our success. Without their guidance and accounting stewardship we certainly would not be the business we are today. Whether it’s organising extra finance for us, advising on cash flow outcomes or completing financial returns Easdowns has been exemplary in their professionalism and dedication to our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Easdowns to any potential client.

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