Business Development

Our business services division includes a wealth of experience and really sets us apart from our competition. We get involved and assist you to manage your business by identifying areas for improvement and implementing systems and processes to make your business more efficient and reliable.



Pricing / Margin Analysis

Know your market and how much customers will pay for your product or service. Ensure you are operating effectively within your market and know how much your competitors are charging. Understand your own profits; how much do I need to make on each item in order to come out on top.


Business Forecasting

Making decisions based on old historical data, is like trying to drive a car looking out the rear window. A forecast can be your business navigator, giving your business direction for the future, based on your real time information. By helping business owners to identify the key drivers in their business, particularly those that affect profitability, forecasting provides clarity and direction.


Management Reporting

You can't make important business decisions based on data that is 6-12 months old. Financial Statements show the history of your business and are prepared based on accounting standards for compliance. Trying to make decisions based on historical data is driving the bus through the rear view mirror and will see repetition of old mistakes.


Unlocking the cloud

Unlock the potential of your accounting software and convert to cloud accounting. Take your business to the cloud and employ the use of a great range of cloud accounting packages. Using cloud accounting ensures ease of sharing information with your accountant and increased visibility around business growth opportunities and possible pitfalls.


Buy / Sell Due Diligence

Don't get duped and end up with a business that makes no money after you have invested your life savings Ensure you have full clarity when making a serious financial decision for the future by having an accountant look over all of the numbers provided by current owners and brokers.


Business Process Review

If the office seems crazy and you have no clarity around what your staff are doing, you need to review your business systems and processes. Can you effectively budget and ensure cash flow, based on the work you have planned throughout the year? Do you have enough staff to manage the number of jobs on? Do you have too many staff?

Sleep Easy

Business Planning Day

Do you have a clear plan for your business? Are there things that keep you awake at night? How would you feel if you were able to spend a day with one of our advisers, to develop a vision for your business and assist you to build an action plan to recognise that success.


Business Structures

Your business structure is one of the most important decisions you will make. It needs to take into consideration a lot of issues including; tax effectiveness, asset protection, succession and/or business sale. An effective structure will give you flexibility without being unnecessarily complex.


Net Asset Position

Do you have a clear picture of what you are worth? If we took your life and business, turned it upside down and shook everything out, do you know what that would look like? If we were to sell everything you own and pay out all of your current debts, where would you stand?

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